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We deliver a purpose-built order flow front end for the trader that tracks value with abilities you cannot find anywhere else.

We Are Alive and Well!

Our NinjaTrader® 7 version is on hold. We've been to very strange places and seen very strange things! But we have a new, improved, and very impressive offering. We'll be back with news very soon.

A Commanding View

Our completely unique Dashboard gives you a commanding view of the True Value in your auction, alongside the detailed current development.

In one ergonomic window, you see the bid and offer value, the market trading, the absorption, the momentum, and the value area development. — Alongside the detailed current development. Truly unique; and powerful!

Feedback on our chart is unmatched; and puts you in the room with all of the traders.

Don't trade with charts? You will find a matchless DOM here that can satisfy the most demanding order flow trader. Our patented advantages will give you an easily measured edge over other traders. Our chart's unique commanding view is purpose-built to cater to the order flow trader; and it is flexible. Views are highly customizable (you can work the DOM alone if you like). We also believe that you can find so much value in our bars that you may think twice about completely eliminating them from an intraday view.

Our industry-first patented methods expose the actual developing value in your market so clearly it will seem deceptively simple!

New to this concept? You'll find more information below. These bars make a perfect companion for the order flow trader: they continuously track the traders developing into value; and identify the agreed-upon value prices, where you easily see the points to watch the order flow to get in.

We are certain you will improve your position with Auction Dashboard™ no matter what your trading experience.

There is no better way to auction on the right side of trade than by watching the order flow.

If you are trading with charts, you will truly open up an entirely new view into the market that will expose volume and activity to bring simply clear understanding to your trade plans.
Our Depth of Market and Inside Auction delivers unmatched clear and obvious feedback of the auction and trading. All of the activity on the Level-2 book, and the bid and offer is revealed. Auction Dashboard™ goes to many lengths to implement clear feedback to allow you to feel connected with the auction. Flexibility is not sacrificed either: you can reset and rewind our Inside Auction development to the first touch of any price in any bar on your chart — when new price tiers are reached, rewind and follow the development where it began. And uniquely, and very importantly, our DOM unwinds the volume and activity from both sides of the book: you can see the aggressors and the absorbers when and where they enter.

Our exclusive patented True Auction™ Value bars build the chart from the actual developing value: they don't suffer from irrelevant arbitrary structure. The true value is also unwound in real time: our chart doesn't wait for "candles to close".

The chart includes a history map outlining bid and offer levels marked off by the traders; and the rich bars have unwound all of the detailed activity — including Bid/Ask data price by price — which is available at any time by just zooming in, and through composite volume & order flow profiles over arbitrary bars on the chart.

The chart deceptively visualizes:
  • The session's value
  • The developing value
  • The price action and facilitation
  • And, the inside activity
In one concise cohesive window designed to provide the order flow trader a commanding view of the auction.

Don't take our word for it alone! Users have said:

“… the best new product I have seen since I started using NinjaTrader, which was shortly after they started selling NT. It is a joy to use in trading.” — David
"Just note to tell you that I am pleased with AD. In my discretionary trading, clearly reading volume at points of interest creates confidence. Confidence is essential to trading." — Ken P.
"I'm very happy very comfortable Das auction trading. I tried many software and this software without a doubt the best of them all …" — Zohar E.
"Your product is amazing and I appreciate all you guys do." — Fred
“… has unique features that have become a part of my prop trading methodology.” — Mike
"I am very happy to have purchased Auction Dashboard. Thank you very much for providing such a great, and robust software." — Everett G.

Get an edge right now!

Aggressor Absorption™ alone will leave you with a clear and obvious edge over other traders. The value we have packed into Auction Dashboard™ will astound you at our price!

Only found in Auction Dashboard, our patented True Auction™ Value bars decipher your auction so you can clearly see where to watch the order flow for initiative action.

Our chart clearly organizes the True Value in your market; and deceptively keeps you in lock step with the intermediary auctions and developing value.

Trade easier and with more confidence! The relevant development plotted by our chart will free you from "peering into" what is otherwise plotted in an arbitrary way on standard charts. Glancing at our chart gives you the picture you expect: where is the True Value?

Our patented True Auction™ Value bars are only the beginning.

Auction Dashboard™ is a comprehensive package that is a flexible and incredibly powerful workhorse!

There are hugely powerful one-of-a-kind advantages in our True Auction™ History display: see the levels where activity is most influential, where bids and offers evacuate, and much more. And levels derived from order flow define swings, tops, and bottoms to a "T". You can see all of this alongside our matchless DOM as the auction develops!

Views are totally flexible: work with the DOM on its own; or combine it with the History and projections. Or work with the chart alone! You will work in an ergonomic window that is designed to allow you to operate dynamically: our Dashboard does not restrict you.

And this is the only place you can find all of the True Auction™ technologies alongside our matchless Inside Auction in one powerful view.

We have packed an incredible amount of value into Auction Dashboard™ to bring you the finest order flow front end available.

  • Auction Dashboard™ performs on a fully custom high performance multi-threaded framework.
  • It is deceptively easy to install, and that makes it even easier to get started with.
  • We also put a lot into making the comprehensive chart user-friendly.


ALL 100% Unique!

Matchless Live Inside Auction and Order Book

  • Several Bid/offer deltas
  • Deltas compute our patented absorption: contracts actually traded
  • Clear signals give you a visceral connection with the auctioning
  • Bid/offer pulls and sweeps tight and complete feedback
  • Reset and rewind development at any time
  • Level-II deltas and volume tracking — track all activity on the Level-II book
  • FILTER The Level-II Book!
  • Static Level-II Looks™ remember the volume at every price touched in your session
  • All Time Highs, Left-Behind Ask/Bid Depth, and other proprietary views
  • Customizable feedback
  • High-speed event refresh
  • Expose all the activity you want to see

100% Unique!

One Of A Kind Rich Printed Bars Clearly Unwrap the Tape in Price and Time; And Include Bid/Ask Data

  • Dynamic views of volumes, profiles, and structure simply by zooming (Control-MouseWheel)
  • True Auction™ Value bars and True Auction™ History map the bid/offer value, market trading, and patented limit order absorption in a commanding unique view of the value development

100% Unique!
  • Create composite volume profiles with two clicks; over any range of bars on your chart
  • Composite profiles contain full volume details, and bid/ask data: locate unsatisfied bids and offers; and see the patented absorption and accumulation; a true edge!

One-Click Chart Trading

  • (Requires NinjaTrader's® Chart Trader) Open orders with one click
  • All settings are easily managed with Ninja's Chart Trader panel — powerful and simple

Much More:

  • Proprietary "Transition Zones™" project trading boundaries based purely on volume and order flow
  • Absorption displayed on the bar and price gives you the feedback as it is happening
  • Signals on price level penetration by large trades
  • Momentum Deltas price-by-price expose imbalances and power so clearly, you can simply mark these battles and trade the levels!
  • One-click volume filtering; with highlighting
  • Trade block reconstruction: reveal the actual volume of large trades that are otherwise reported as smaller executions
  • Proprietary accumulated session Aggressor Absorption™ deltas
  • An array of volume tools: trade sizes, weighted averages, deltas: you can trade against views of trade sizes on our chart!
  • One-click price level markers and on-chart alerts
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Re-callable views and settings with window placement
  • Versatile display choices
  • Even More

NinjaScript® Interface

  • Incredibly powerful access to the order flow and volume in custom indicators and strategies

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New To Order Flow, Or Wondering Why?

Auction Dashboard™ is called a "Dashboard" because it links you with the auction and all the participants in the auction. Since the trader isn't in the same room auctioning with every other trader, the Dashboard is your door into that room and your handles on the auction. By seeing the the important activity in the market, and the auctioning, you will understand your opportunities. The comprehensive chart follows along with all of the important activity: which is where the traders commit, trade places, trade through, reverse, consolidate, get trapped, etc. You will see the momentum as it develops and begins.

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