Auction Dashboard™ provides an in-depth view of the auction, with a combination of analysis and feedback; and you will find that the settings are designed to control both.

The analysis is there to expose all of the volume. Auction Dashboard's™ bars unwind much more than just the market volume; so at any point you can see what has traded, and how! They capture a complete history, unwound onto the chart with structure.

The feedback is there so you can simply follow the auction here and now: you can get a sense of auctioning with all of the other traders! You can participate as closely as you want, and also step back and watch at key points in the auction to get invaluable feedback of who is trading where.

Auction Dashboard™ also shows you our patented Aggressor Absorption™ as it happens; which gives you a True view of the auctioning.

A Commanding View!

Our unique chart gives you a commanding view of the true value in your auction, alongside the detailed current development:

The chart shows the bid and offer value, the market trading, the absorption, the deltas, and the value area development on one chart! — Alongside the detailed current development! Truly unique; and powerful!

The chart unwinds all of the True Auction™ History; showing you the hottest bid and offer levels, imbalances, and unsatisfied liquidity:

Create rich composite volume profiles with two clicks. You can see the development, with value areas and points of control, and see the important support and resistance:

And more. The composite contains complete volume details, along with bid/ask data over any arbitrary bars on your chart! A very powerful tool to understand the order flow! Unsatisfied bids and offers, bid/offer depth, and volume ...

The two profiles above contain all of the information in our composite: volume and bid/ask data! That is an incredibly powerful look at what has actually transacted — from both sides of the book!

Deep, Rich Chart

The bars also provide many dynamic views. It is easy to do in Auction Dashboard™: simply zoom in, or zoom out (Control-MouseWheel).

When zoomed in you can view many details:
Or Deltas
And also what we call True Auction™ Balance

True Auction™ Balance shows a combination of market trading and the Aggressor Absorption™ in the balances: so you can get a clearer picture of the balances forming based on the traders actually going in (here, the buy volume balance is changed by viewing the True Auction™ Balance — there were bidders here facilitating while that sell volume was going in).

In fact, the bars combine the volume with feedback; and while the auction is unfolding, you will see the development clearly:

The bars have still more to offer:

The Momentum Delta follows the development price by price from a delta perspective. It is tuned to give you a delta that strongly follows the current power position and shows you momentum.

The volume profiles easily expose the volume clusters developing intermediate S&R in your auction, and initiation, acceptance, and rejection.

Matchless Feedback: The Live Auction Visualizer™

The Auction Visualizer™ shows all the volume and trading activity live as it happens — again, including Aggressor Absorption™ (in one view). Just as importantly, it also signals activity and behaviors; to give you a visceral sense of connection to the traders and the activity.

The Auction Visualizer™ has many views of the Inside Auction, and the the Level-II book that are one-click away right on the chart; and a lot of illuminating information. You can tune the deltas on the Inside Auction to show feedback that you prefer; and even select from several measured deltas: you will find a lot of feedback and ability here that you will not find in other places.

The accumulated volumes and profile on the Inside Auction can display several metrics: volume, deltas, and also absorption! Follow the development from both sides! The whole session's profile is also always available right on the same chart

Plus, you can reset the inside auction freely: with one click, simply rewind back through any development: all of the activity, including absorption and bid/offer activity, has been unwound onto the rich chart; and you can rewind at any time — reset and rewind through the last significant move, and follow the action right now!

… And there is still more.

See More of the Inside Auction in Action:



Auction Dashboard's™ Focus Is On A Clear Presentation Of Pertinent Volume Information, With Feedback

You will gain an unbeatable illuminating view into the market. Everything is under your mouse, and the chart is meant to be dynamic, intuitive, and easy to use.

The rich bars print all of the volume, and unwrap and lock the activity in price and time. Control-MouseWheel zooms in and out for dynamic views at all levels; and the bars plot much more than just volume, which gives you many options to arrange views with power to suit your particular trading focus and desires ... combinations of market trading and Aggressor Absorption™, several volume profile styles, trade sizes, block aggregation, filtering, signals on price level penetrations, and still more.

The True Auction™ History maps the hot bid and offer levels, imbalances, and unsatisfied liquidity that gives you an incredible clear view of levels marked off by traders in your auction. The Momentum Deltas show you momentum. Auction Dashboard™ will find key volume prices in your market. The patented True Auction™ Value bars will clearly plot the developing value and aid you greatly in finding key points to watch the order flow for entries.

The Inside Auction can give you a powerful and clear view of the trading as it happens. If you are working the Inside Auction, or just following at key points, you should see feedback here that you cannot find anywhere else. It should be possible to feel some connection with traders in your market by understanding what is going on.

The live Level-II order book can show you all-time highs, left-behind ask/bid depth, and other unique and proprietary views; including alerts on high volume changes and deltas on the book, and a tuned imbalance alert that is an excellent signal of developed liquidity and/or pressure on one side of the book. You can even filter the book! A unique and incredibly powerful feature that you won't find in other places: see where the large traders are putting into the book; and track that volume! Incredible power!

Session profiles and very long overlays are available, that also include detailed bid and ask data; and Auction Dashboard™ can back-fill your chart with historical data. Charts are highly customizable for individual trading styles, with keyboard shortcuts, saved views, and display choices.

Will Auction Dashboard™ Work With My Market?

Auction Dashboard™ is versatile; and can work with any instrument that NinjaTrader supports. Specifically, futures markets are fully supported. Indexes, stocks, and also Forex are supported; but some features won't be available, based on the data provided by your provider in your market.

For instance: Forex is heavily bid-based, so printed buys and sells, just like NinjaTrader's® Time And Sales, will tend to show a lot of selling — a lot of trades hit the bid. Auction Dashboard™ includes order flow information in the bars, and that includes limit order information. If you view the bars with our True Auction™ Balance mode, this will factor in limit order information, and present much more balanced picture of the buying and selling.

The correct way to find out what will be supported is to give Auction Dashboard™ a free trial.

Want to Read More About True Auction™ Value, Aggressor Absorption™, and Our Patented Advantages?

We have an excerpt from our User Guide:

New To Order Flow, Or Wondering Why?

Auction Dashboard™ is called a "Dashboard" because it links you with the auction and all the participants in the auction. Since the trader isn't in the same room auctioning with every other trader, the Dashboard is your door into that room and your handles on the auction. By seeing the the important value development in the market, and the auctioning, you will understand your opportunities. The comprehensive chart follows along with all of the unwound volume.