Auction Dashboard™

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Auction Dashboard Edition TWO is now available!

For NinjaTrader® 8

built on the True Auction Data platform.

TaData's platform is an extensible ecosystem for Stack Data Points™.

What Are Stack Data Points?

Stack Data Points implement full-price-tier inflation of your data point strategy.

They may at first seem something like an "at-price indicator"; and that is one good correlation. They are self-contained first-class market data participants — with abilities like a strategy, 'bot, and/ or indicator — that have been refined into highly transportable data points.

TaData is an extensible container where your data points interact.

    • Sub-microsecond market data engine providing complete updates.
    • Modern market data object model provides a very complete book — all current market data up and down the price tier at all times.
    • Data Point Triggers.
    • Flexible display engine provides open customization.
    • Fully extensible platform, down to the market data object model.
    • Lean architecture.

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— All TaData —

Stack Data Points are also not limited in the data that they can produce at each price: each custom data point can freely define its own data type with no restriction.

Since Stack Data Points can deliver output at all prices at all times, they can yield a complete model of the market in each custom data point's terms. The Stack Data Point enables thinking about the state of the market from each data point's perspective, top-to-bottom.

You are then further able to correlate data points top-to-bottom.

Available Now

SuperDom Columns Pack

The SuperDom Columns pack brings Stack Data Points into the SuperDom.

Right-click and add Auction Dashboard columns to the SuperDom.

Ten columns handle ten categories of Data Points.

More than sixty available core data points.

Implement your own data point with your custom NinjaScript.

Chart Columns Pack

The Chart Columns pack brings Stack Data Points onto the chart.

Add a column from the Drawing Tools menu.

Right click to configure.

More than sixty available core data points.

Implement your own data point with your custom NinjaScript.

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