About Edition One

Auction Dashboard™ is unlike any other trading front end. Deceptively simple to install, it packs a comprehensive set of tools into one chart window.

Feedback on our chart is prolific; and tries to put you in the room with all of the traders.

All data comes from the order flow.

Control-Click on most items to get display options.

Dynamic bars are filled with rich information from both sides of the trading (aggressors and absorbers).

And, only here: zoom in and out on our chart to see dynamic views that are unwrapping the developing value in real time. The True Auction Value bars unfold the developing bell-shaped curve in real time.

True Auction™ Value Bars

Our industry-first patented methods expose the actual developing value in your market so clearly, it will seem deceptively simple!

You can only find these bars in Auction Dashboard.

True Auction™ History

Unwinds the hottest bid and offer levels, imbalances, and unsatisfied liquidity

Composite Volume Profiles

Create rich composite profiles with two clicks. You can see the development, with value areas and points of control:

And More

The composite contains complete volume details, along with bid/ask data over any arbitrary bars on your chart! A very powerful tool to understand the order flow! Unsatisfied bids and offers, bid/offer depth, and volume ...

And incredibly, Auction Dashboard even has an extremely powerful NinjaScript® interface!

This is the most powerful NinjaScript® interface that you can find. Bar none.

Simple license terms: buy it and own it!


Matchless Live Inside Auction and Order Book

  • Several Bid/offer deltas
  • Deltas compute our patented absorption: contracts actually traded
  • Clear signals give you a visceral connection with the auctioning
  • Bid/offer pulls and sweeps — tight and complete feedback
  • Reset and rewind development at any time
  • Level-II deltas and volume tracking — track all activity on the Level-II book
  • FILTER The Level-II Book!
  • Static Level-II Looks™ remember the volume at every price touched in your session
  • All Time Highs, Left-Behind Ask/Bid Depth, and other proprietary views
  • Customizable feedback
  • High-speed event refresh
  • Expose all the activity you want to see

All 100% Unique!

One Of A Kind Rich Printed Bars Clearly Unwrap the Tape in Price and Time; And Include Bid/Ask Data

  • Dynamic views of volumes, profiles, and structure simply by zooming (Control-MouseWheel)
  • True Auction™ Value bars and True Auction™ History map the bid/offer value, market trading, and patented limit order absorption in a commanding unique view of the value development

All 100% Unique!

Create composite volume profiles with two clicks; over any range of bars on your chart

  • Composite profiles contain full volume details, and bid/ask data: locate unsatisfied bids and offers; and see the patented absorption and accumulation; a true edge!

All 100% Unique!

One-Click Chart Trading!

  • (Requires NinjaTrader's® Chart Trader) Open orders with one click
  • All settings are easily managed with Ninja's Chart Trader panel — powerful and simple

Incredibly powerful NinjaScript® interface

Still More!

Want to Read More About True Auction™ Value, Aggressor Absorption™, and Our Patented Advantages?

We have an excerpt from our User Guide: