Edition One Free Trial

Take advantage of this trial to see Auction Dashboard™ in action on your equipment and in the markets you work with. The trial period begins as soon as Auction Dashboard™ is first run; and the software will run fully-enabled for the trial period. To continue using the software after this period, you must purchase a license.

By downloading the software, you acknowledge that you have read, and agree to all the terms and conditions of the Auction Dashboard™ Software End User License Agreement.

Auction Dashboard will run on any type of NinjaTrader® license. To sign up for a free NinjaTrader® platform and data feed trial, please see the NinjaTrader® link below.

Installing / Uninstalling

The Simple Installation / Uninstallation instructions can be found on this page.

NinjaTrader® Free Platform And Data Trial

NinjaTrader® offers an unbeatable free trial of their platform, plus a free live data feed trial. You are able to use NinjaTrader® fully enabled with all of its features, and trade using a live data feed from the markets (with a "simulated" account balance). Auction Dashboard™ fully supports NinjaTrader's® free trial and data feed; and also runs just as it would on a live account.

In fact, the only difference between the trial and live versions is in the order fills. Notice that no simulated order placement can exactly reflect the same conditions as the live market, since your order has not become an active and visible order in the market. Otherwise, both NinjaTrader® and Auction Dashboard™ will be running exactly as they do with a live account and licenses.

We fully recommend NinjaTrader's® free trial and data; and are fully confident ourselves that the trial does allow one to completely and accurately prepare for live trading. The trial, and your abilities in the market, are enhanced with Auction Dashboard™.

To start a free NinjaTrader® trial, follow this link to NinjaTrader's® website. Safe trading.