Auction Dashboard™ Edition One

Edition One, for NinjaTrader® 7

Auction Dashboard packs a very long list of features into one chart, and one low price.

  • A unique unified and dynamic interface
  • A customizable DOM that can RESET and REWIND; AND a Level-2 ladder that can FILTER
  • Dynamic bars with volume details, AND bid/offer absorbers
  • Arbitrary volume profiles WITH Bid/Ask information
  • NinjaScript® interface

Unique Commanding View

You won't find more value in A Chart

Auction Dashboard is a comprehensive package that is flexible and powerful.

And this is the only place you can find all of the True Auction technologies alongside The Inside Auction in one powerful view.

Users have said:

“… the best new product I have seen since I started using NinjaTrader, which was shortly after they started selling NT. It is a joy to use in trading.” — David

"Just note to tell you that I am pleased with AD. In my discretionary trading, clearly reading volume at points of interest creates confidence. Confidence is essential to trading." — Ken P.

“… has unique features that have become a part of my prop trading methodology.” — Mike

"I'm very happy very comfortable Das auction trading. I tried many software and this software without a doubt the best of them all …" — Zohar

"Your product is amazing and I appreciate all you guys do." — Fred

"I am very happy to have purchased Auction Dashboard. Thank you very much for providing such a great, and robust software." — Everett

Get our white paper explaining more about BBO Absorption™

In analysing per-BBO Absorption, we find value that is vastly enhanced over simple time and sales analysis.

We know that value is auctioned from "both sides of the book". The same strategies that traders use to decide when, where, and how much to buy and sell, is also applied to bidding and offering. The per-BBO absorption unwinds both sides of this activity,