NT-8 SuperDom Columns

Getting Set Up

All NT-8 AddOns Require A Subscription

As with all NT-8 AddOns, you will need to log in with the AddOn Manager before first use (it is not possible to log in from within NinjaTrader). Once you have an active subscription or trial subscription, you must quit NinjaTrader one time, and run the AddOn Manager to get logged in.

Once you're logged in on the local machine, your licenses will stay refreshed in NinjaTrader.

You must also use the AddOn Manager to install your AddOns.

Once installed from the AddOn Manager, your licenses and AddOns will be active in NinjaTrader.

Using The SuperDom Columns

The SuperDom Columns should be simple to find. They will simply appear in NinjaTrader's SuperDom menu with all other columns.

Right-click on the SuperDom to add columns.

Right-click and add Auction Dashboard columns to the SuperDom.

Ten columns handle ten categories of Data Points.

Auction Dashboard groups the available data points into Ten available columns. Once added to the SuperDom, each column provides its own configuration.

Right-Click on a column to configure it (or equivalently, click on the Settings pop-up button that appears along the top of the column when the mouse hovers there).

Column Configurations

Please find the documentation for all core columns located here: