Installing & Uninstalling

Installation Instructions

Download the file to a place where you can easily find it.

Do not "UnZip" the file.

Install the software from the Control Center. Choose:

File / Utilities / Import NinjaScript® …

NinjaTrader® may ask you to confirm the installation: choose Yes; and select the Auction Dashboard™ Zip file that you downloaded. You'll see a confirmation.

That's all there is to it! Auction Dashboard™ is now ready for use.

If You Are Replacing An Existing Version:

Follow the same steps above; and NinjaTrader® will ask you to confirm that you want to replace the existing files: choose Yes.

Please be sure to confirm replacing all files that NinjaTrader asks: this will include an "AuctionDashboard Resources" assembly which goes along with the full installation (it is not optional) — you should simply be sure to confirm all new files with the new installation.

You will need to exit and restart NinjaTrader® for the new version to take effect properly.

To Un-Install

From NinjaTrader's® Control Center. Choose:

File / Utilities / Remove NinjaScript Assembly ...

Select all AuctionDashboard files:

  • AuctionDashboard
  • AuctionDashboardResources

Choose Remove.

You must restart NinjaTrader for the changes to take effect properly.