Why Trade With the Auction?

Auction Dashboard™ will provide you a wide-open view of the auction: all of the actual activity; and correlation, feedback, and illumination. It is called a Dashboard because it is designed to link you with the auction and all the participants in the auction. We expect that the trader wants to be an informed participant in the auction: and since the trader is not in the same room auctioning with every other trader, the Dashboard is your door into that room and your handles on the auction. You will auction with both feet in the market, following clearly along with the traders.

This is basically the bottom line: we can use technical analysis and tools to try and tell us "when is momentum beginning", "when is sentiment changing", where are the institutional traders, and things like that. But the order flow trader is simply watching, following, and participating in the auction; and just sees these conditions as a simple aspect of what is actually going on — in other words, the order flow trader is just one of these traders, so the market condition is obvious to this trader: it is what they are doing; and they're "effecting" these things with their trading.

And we can continue and get close to the whole point quickly. What is the order flow? It is simply watching a binary auction in progress. Is there sentiment there? Is there commitment there? Is there liquidity there? Can I trade in here and out with another trader? You follow the auction to decipher that. If you go into the market with a feeling of "working against it" or "waiting for it to give something to you", you need to replace that with a sense of "doing business with it". That's why the candles will leave you wondering about things; but the order flow will tell you factual things.

To understand why you would use a tool like this as opposed to the myriad other options available one simply needs to look at what a trader does. The order flow seems thick and tough to follow continuously without some need to "step back" and take notes; and Auction Dashboard™ is not a pure order flow stream, but it is a complete "Dashboard" with analysis in there as well. And while there is a real foundation to what technical analysis correlates and offers, it is quite different than being a part of that auction as it is unfolding onto the charts.

You will still step back, watch price action, and see price levels unfold; but what the traders are doing at those price levels is why you watch the order flow.

No matter when you enter your trade, you must be trading with the value of the security; and the goal is to understand where the auctioners have auctioned that value. The order flow is what exposes that: it is why the pivots hold or break, and why the reversals reverse, and why the waves continue or break down; and why momentum takes over. If you watch the candles for signals, then you only have a 50/50 trade. It is where the auctioners lay their money, and how they auction that determines what those outcomes are.

No one moves outside of the auction, even if they are dominating it.

In addition, the only way trade is facilitated is through the auctioning process. Even if the largest buyer in the world wants to come in and buy all of the security, all they can do is buy from the offers being presented. The price, and value, of the security is not simply moving on a chart! It is trading hands. Every number on the auction Dashboard chart is money in someone's account somewhere in the world. The price is being set fairly by definition of the trading activity. So you need to be a part of that auction! Nobody enters the market in a vacuum.

Auction Dashboard™ is exposing the auction so that you can get connected with the other traders as if you are all in the same auction — and not as an observer waiting for some moment when "the price is going up or down". Your trade is not attached to some candle, it is attached to your account; and you are now in the market with your account. You will either be a trader responsible for that position, or a well-wisher with hands off of the transaction hoping forces work in your favour!

So join the auction!